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Duncan Consulting, Inc. - Growth through Knowledge.

Human Resources

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Our HR solutions will exceed your expectations!

Most small business owners today recognize that their businesses have outgrown whatever limited Human Resources tools that may be in place. Unfortunately, they lack the time and expertise required to develop a solid HR platform for their businesses. These businesses need several selective, well-designed HR programs to help them sustain their growth and generate business results, but they often do not have the need or perhaps the resources to hire a seasoned, full-time HR professional.

Duncan Consultants, Inc. will review an existing handbook or develop a new one that provides your company with a concise communication tool that summarizes the following that are applicable to your organization:

  • State and Federal employment related policies
  • General guidance concerning work related behavior
  • Rules and regulations
  • Salary and benefit information

To assist supervisors in the consistent application of employment policies and procedures, some employees choose to provide a procedure manual to its supervisors. Duncan Consultants, Inc. will draft supervisory procedures to provide guidance on practical administration of the policies contained in the employee handbook, as well as any pre-employment or post-employment duties required of the supervisor.