Duncan Consulting, Inc. - Growth through Knowledge.
Duncan Consulting, Inc. - Growth through Knowledge.

What Makes Us Grow

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Managing Change
In times of change it is of outmost importance to control the root of possible frustrated 'chatter' from the time change is launched. We will give you the tools to make any change a positive change.

Coaching and Counseling
We have twenty years of experience in coaching and counseling challenging individuals. We'll gladly share our expertise to make your company's environment one of employee excellence and commitment.

Conflict Management
This training emphasizes teamwork and collaboration, as well as the importance of providing effective feedback. We will ensure your associates are equipped with the tools to improve their communication skills and have a sense of ownership that will boost your company's productivity and morale.

Customer Service Training
We have expert resources with more than twenty years of experience in different arenas including Financial, Tourism, Airline, Construction, Manufacturing, Government and Retail. Our specialty and focus is Soft Skills training (listening and communication) and we have vast experience in numerous other training methods to fit your specific needs. We will put these skills to work for you and help your company excel by motivating and inspiring your staff.

Employee Handbooks, Policy Manuals, and Job Descriptions
We stay current and up-to-date on the various laws and regulations for creating and maintaining current employee handbooks and policy manuals. Whether one employee or more than 500, carefully developed employee handbooks can protect your business from frivolous and time-wasting lawsuits. Through employee and management interviews, we provide detailed job descriptions customizing tasks performed by your employees for your business.

Managing Performance
We will provide you with guidance and templates to set realistic performance goals, achievement guidelines, and to monitor progress and document feedback. This catapults all your associates for success from the start and will emphasize the commitment to partnership between you and your staff.

Mission, Vision & Core Values
We provide assistance in the creation, formatting and writing of your company's mission, core values and vision statements that truly reflect who you are, where you are going and the values that guide you and your business.